Monday, June 30, 2008

PLG Arts Presents: "Daydream" -A Fun Kiddie Version of Shakespeare in the Park!

Looking to have a little fun with the kiddies? PLG Arts (Prospect Lefferts Gardens Arts) has just the thing! Attending the group's annual FREE production of William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream entitled Daydream is a really enjoyable way to spend a summer afternoon! I was fortunate enough to attend the opening performance this past Saturday expecting only to catch a little puppet performance. I was pleasantly surprised by perrformance as well as the post-performance activities. The kids were engaged from the first line of the script until the end of the post-performance activities.
The cast graciously posed for a pigeon photo session

Remaining Performance Dates: 7/5, 7/6, 7/12, 7/13, 7/19, 7/20
Time: Saturdays at 11 a.m. & Sundays at 3 p.m.
Location: Imagination Playground (Q or S train to Prospect Park, exit to Lincoln Road. Enter the park from Ocean Avenue between Lincoln Road & Parkside Avenue)
Admission: Free! Including post-show activities for children, no reservation required, seating is on the ground.
Cast Members: Amy Chang, Laura Frenzer, Sean Kenin*, Lynda Kennedy*, T. Scott Lilly*,Siobhan O'Neill, Orlando Powers (*Actors appearing courtesy of Actors' Equity Association.)

Daydream 2008 funded in part with a grant from the office of State Senator Eric Adams. Post-show children's activity funded with a New Yorkers for Better Neighborhoods award from the Citizens Committee for New York City.

Here's a sample of the post-performance fun including puppet making and bubble extravaganza.

Future post-performance activities are scheduled as follows:

Sat. 7/5 11:00 PUPPET-making
Sat. 7/12 11:00 DRUMMING
Sun 7/13 3:00 SCULPTURE (with special quest Otto Neals, sculptor of the Peter and Willie Statue)
Sat 7/19 - 11:00 DRUMMING (with Leslie Ward)
Sun. 7/20 - 3:00 MAGICAL FLOWER DRAWING (with special guest Lydia Romero, set designer for the show)
A great day in the park!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Flatbush Comedy Shows!

Crystal's Bar and Lounge 1458 Flatbush Avenue (btwn Glenwood and Farragut) is hosting a comedy show with the hottest comics around every Wednesday night. Doors open at 6PM, dinner is available, showtime is 9 PM. Crystal's back yard garden is open every night for drinks, dinner and socializing with friends.

For more info call: (718) 859-2141

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Old Stone House Outdoor Summer Events

Old Stone House Outdoor Events!
Join us in July for FREE Outdoor Programming in JJ Byrne Park: Music! Film! Theatre! Dance!

Old Stone House of Brooklyn
336 3rd St
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Sunday, June 22
Zeemeeuwsic III
Eclectic Concerts Upstairs at OSH
Robert Secrist/Classical Guitar
Jane Byaela/Poetry & Music for voice and guitar
2 pm. $10. Drinks and Erica's Rugelach!
**Ok. So, this one is indoors.

Summer Concerts Outdoors OSH!
Tuesdays in July!
Opening Night : Opera on Tap
Sponsored by The Gate
Tuesday, July 1
6 pm. OOT Jr. 8 pm. OOT

Brooklyn Film Works
Wednesdays in July!
Opening Night: 1776
Wednesday, July 2
Sponsored by Greg's Express
8:30 pm.

Summer Concerts Outdoors OSH!
Tuesday, July 8
In Partnership with Park Slope Parents
6 pm.

Brooklyn Film Works
Wednesday, July 9
Reelworks Film Festival
8:30 pm.

Piper Theatre at OSH
Thursday, July 10
A Midsummer Night's Dream
Join us for our fantastic Coney-Island-themed Equity Showcase
8 pm.

Piper Theatre at OSH
Friday, July 11
A Midsummer Night's Dream
Join us for our fantastic Coney-Island-themed Equity Showcase
8 pm.

Piper Theatre at OSH
Saturday, July 12
A Midsummer Night's Dream
Join us for our fantastic Coney-Island-themed Equity Showcase
8 pm.

Opera on Tap
Sponsored by The Gate
Tuesday, July 15
6 pm. OOT Jr. 8 pm. OOT

Brooklyn Film Works
Wednesday, July 16
The Manchurian Candidate (1962)
8:30 pm.

Piper Theatre at OSH
Thursday, July 17
A Midsummer Night's Dream
Join us for our fantastic Coney-Island-themed Equity Showcase
8 pm.

Piper Theatre at OSH
Friday, July 18
A Midsummer Night's Dream
Join us for our fantastic Coney-Island-themed Equity Showcase
8 pm.

Piper Theatre at OSH
Saturday, July 19
A Midsummer Night's Dream
Join us for our fantastic Coney-Island-themed Equity Showcase
8 pm.

Silver Brown Dance Company
Sunday, July 20
4 pm.

Summer Concerts Outdoors OSH!
In Partnership with Park Slope Parents
Tuesday, July 22
Buzz Universe
6 pm.

Brooklyn Film Works
Wednesday, July 23
The Mouse that Roared
8:30 pm.

Piper Theatre Workshop Apprentice Productions
Thursday, July 24
6 pm: Alice in Wonderland
8 pm: Lord of the Flies

Piper Theatre Workshop Apprentice Productions
Friday, July 25
6 pm: The Witches
8 pm: Dracula

Piper Theatre Workshop Apprentice Extravaganza!
Saturday, July 26
2 pm: Alice in Wonderland
4 pm: The Witches
6 pm: Dracula
8 pm: Lord of the Flies

Brooklyn Film Works
Wednesday, July 30
The Candidate
with Robert Redford
8:30 pm.

Battle Week!
August 15-24, 2008
Stay tuned for programming specifics

Friday, June 20, 2008

The 30th Annual Seaside and Martin Luther King Summer Concert Series Announced Today

The Summer Concert Series lovingly known to locals as the "Hazbin" shows have been announced!
PARTY ON, Brooklynites!



You ain't nuttin' until you're a hazbin!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Little (Very Little) More Progress on the Brooklyn College Dorm Construction

We haven't gotten a look at the new Brooklyn College dorm construction site for about 2 months when Brooklyn Junction gave us this update. I happened to be walking by there today and since the sites enclosure door was open, I snapped the following: (Looks like we have a long ways to go before the completion of this project.)

Things We Don't See Enough of in Brooklyn Anymore

Milk Crate Basketball Hoops!

A by-product of urban youth ingenuity.

Don't Forget: The Newkirk Avenue Block Party This Saturday. June 21st!

As announced by Sustainable Flatbush several weeks ago:

Newkirk Avenue Block Party, a Livable Streets celebration co-sponsored by Flatbush Development Corporation, New York City Streets Renaissance, and Make Music New York, with participation of Solar One, Brooklyn Compost Project, Council on the Environment of NYC, Transportation Alternatives, Alive Structures, Midwood Martial Arts, and Newkirk Area merchants. Join us for:

Food Vendors!
Live Music and DJ’s all day!
Traditional NYC Street Games: Handball, Skully, Hopscotch, Double Dutch, Jacks, and more!
Environmental Info and Activities: Solar Power, Composting, Green Roof/Garden Design, Cell Phone Recycling, etc., plus Recycling Games and Art Projects just for kids!

WHEN: Saturday, June 21st, 11am - 6pm, Rain or Shine!
WHERE: Newkirk Avenue between East 16th and East 17th Streets

Sunday, June 15, 2008

More Info on the New Ditmas Park Health Spa - Another Neighborhood Cooperative!

I came across some info on the Flatbush Family Network Yahoo group about the new health spa clinic that I reported to my readers last week.  

Apparently, the coop group is calling the clinic "Taproot Community Health Clinic" but is has not settled on that name.  According to the responder on FFN;

"We were calling ourselves taproot community health clinic, but we are currently in the process of changing the name (any ideas?) in an effort to reach out to the community for feedback regarding healthcare, we are holding several community health forums, more about that to come if you are interested."

Here's some info from their website.  For more info visit their website directly at: 

Taproot Community Health Clinic 
is a worker-owned cooperative opening in Brooklyn, New York in June 2008.

As an answer to the vociferous call for health justice, a group of eight yoga teachers, herbalists, acupuncturists, and community organizers have joined together to develop a socially-just and forward-thinking health clinic. Taproot Community Health Clinic will be a place for acute or chronic health concerns, preventive care and resources for informed choices in healthcare. The clinic will be accessible and inclusive regardless of race, gender, sexuality, class status, immigration status or age.

Taproot will be offering:
Yoga Classes 
Chinese Medicine 
Western Herbal Medicine 
Additional Workshops and Classes

380 Marlborough Road, 
Brooklyn, New York 11226
Contact: Jacoby 646-539-8128

Friday, June 13, 2008

So When You Think About Brooklyn...

Is this the image that comes to mind?

Maybe it's me but I just don't get it. Why, oh why would someone choose to plant this enormous, garish structure in the middle Gravesend, Brooklyn? Really, who comes up with these ideas?  (Note: if look at this image long enough you will see Nero fiddling on one of the balconies. Really, Brooklyn's Burning!)

And, I guess if you're already in the business of building an oversized and inappropriate structure in a small scale working-class neighborhood you might as well go completely off the hook and name it "The Venetian."

Yes.  That's right. Classical Living right on Ave P.

Shot of The almost complete "luxury condominiums."

Completely out of scale with the rest of the
neighborhood of mostly modest single-family homes.

Go figure!

New Health Spa Coming to Ditmas Park?

There has been some work going on at 380 Marlborough Road just off Cortelyou Road, the former home of Butterfly Learning Center. It is rumored that the site is being transformed into a health spa according to neighbors. The center will be offering massage, yoga classes and other "spa-ish" specialties.

Midwood High School Seniors Saying their Good-Byes.

Midwood High School seniors sign each others yearbooks on the school's front steps on Friday. The last day of school for Midwood is Monday. Best of luck, grads.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

There's Always the Alternative...

Fun in Flatbush

Kids in Ditmas Park carry on the tradition of opening 
and capping a hydrant to cool off during the heat wave.

National Pigeon Day: June 13, 2008!

Just in case you're living under a rock and are therefore not up on the latest events, you should be aware that this Friday, June 13, 2008 is:


No, I'm not joking! This is for reals! Apparently, the Flatbush Pigeon has made such an impression the country is compelled to give her a national holiday. ;-)
BTW, I am registered at Sammy's Pigeon Feed and Supply House as well as with Jose the Pigeon Trainer. (I have to keep up with my flying lessons. As a street scavenger, I never really got the flying thing down all that much.)
Look, we even have an anthem!

National Pigeon Day Anthem
"Cher Ami"lyrics and music by Scott Massarsky (C2008)

I’m coming home
I’m coming home today
I’m on my own
With a message to relay
And though it’s cold
I will make my way
To you
To you
My wings spread out
As I take to flightcause
I was taught
To fly through the night
My secret lies within my feet
And All that’s left of my Cher Ami
Is a note
A note
A note
No do not cry
No not for me
The Shrapnel flies
I would die for my country
Look to the sky
It’s where I’ll always be
You always be
My Cher Ami
So come home
Come home
So come home
Come home
An act of love
An act of chivalry
Where are you now
Oh now my Cher Ami
Please come home

Monday, June 9, 2008

Heat Waves and the Nightly Game of Cat and Mouse on Coney Island Beach.

News from:

So we're into our third day of temps soaring into the 90s. That officially makes it a heat wave. Eh, you know how it is; some people get nasty, others just drink themselves into oblivion to avoid the uncomfortably. And yet others become extremely creative in finding ways to deal with the heat. You can learn a lot about the true nature of people by observing how they act in prolonged and unbearable heat. At this point in the wave, you'll begin to notice the strange and silly behavior that the citizens of our great borough are capable of and you'll realize; "OMG - I'm living in a borough full of shameless, unadulterated weirdos!"

For instance, on days like this I head straight to the beach after work. (I don't mess with this heat.) But I'm always fairly well-prepared for the excursion - meaning I wear a bathing suit. But when you head down to Coney on a weekday at 5:30 or so wearing a bathing suit in a heat wave, you'll often find yourself in the minority. Underwear is clearly the most popular attire at this hour. For this reason, my appearance is usually frowned upon by the skivvies crew.

Of course, beach people are somewhat unique especially after hours - in a heat wave. They aren't the type to sit on their stoop and complain with the neighbors about it. Sit around a suffer in blazing city heat? - hell no! They're going to do something about their discomfort and they're going to have a little fun in the process.

For high school kids, the after-hours beach scene brings out their mischievous and thrill-seeking conduct. This works out as a nightly game of cat and mouse as they defy Parks Dept Security and sneak back into the refreshing ocean waters before they get chased out again. After the lifeguards leave the bench, the scenario usually works itself out like this:

Parks Security travels east on the beach
and summon the remaining waders out of
the water. They continue their rounds and...

Folks get right back in.

A second Parks Dept crew makes their westward sweep
of the beach to admonish the defiant and then leave.

This is when it gets interesting:

A healthy, young crew of teenagers tumbles the chair to the shoreline and...

into the water. 

And the real fun begins...

But what's this on the west side of the beach??? 
Could it be?

Yes. A second guard chair has made its way into the ocean.

More mischief ensues before Parks
Security returns for the final time. 

Beach personnel face the problem of hoisting
the chairs out of the water in the morning.

Oh yeah, and while we're on the topics of bad behavior on the beach, I'll address a much greater travesty. See below: 

Com'on people. WTF? How hard is it to pick up your mess and put it in a can. Nevermind answering that question. Just clean up after yourselves before you meet the same fate as those double-crossing media informants mentioned in my previous post.

Now Don't Go Telling Your Manhattan Friends!

Now that all persons who violated the "Brooklyn Loyalty Pact" by leaking FP "Now Don't Go Telling Your Manhattan Friends" information to the mainstream media (namely the NYTimes and NY Magazine) have been effectively tortured into submission or, if warranted, executed, I feel free to continue with the "Now Don't Go Telling Your Manhattan Friends" series. Certainly, the precedent for such violations has been set. Should any of you FP readers choose to run your mouth about the fabulous Brooklyn institutions so generously imparted on this blog, all I can say is - just make sure your Mama has your dental records!

Since that has been made perfectly clear, I can now tell you about one of the most perfect old time Salumarias that still operates in Brooklyn:

Eagle Cheese
320 Ave. U,
Gravesend Section of Brooklyn
718- 449-2810
Owner: The Casamento Family
Established 1942

Eagle Cheese, a family owned business, located on Avenue U between McDonald Avenue and West Street has been serving the Gravesend community what has got to be some of the best homemade mozzerella, cured meats, and italian specialties in the city for over 66 years. While Eagle is known to locals for such tasty goods, I find that Eagle makes the very best cold-cut sandwiches in Brooklyn not only because of the high quality of the meats but also because they have perfected the art of slicing meat to half the thickness of an ordinary piece of paper. Just take a look at the goods:

Eagle is a clean, organized well-kept Italian market.

Offers a nice selection of fresh olives and peppers.

Stromboli, fresh mozzarella & tomato, and artichoke hearts.

Fennel sausage, homemade Ravioli, manicotti and other fresh macaroni.

An array of cured meats; prosciutto, salami, soppressata and fresh cold-cuts.

Eagle also carries a nice assortment of jarred and canned goods as well as Italian cookies and dried pasta.

The real important info you need to know about a visit to Eagle Cheese; Don't forget your wallet! Although, Eagle products are pretty reasonably priced, you are going to want to sample as much as you can. But, rest assured, not a cent of what you'll spend there will be wasted money. So enjoy! Mangia!

Resume Writing & Job Readiness Workshop

Resume Writing & Job Readiness Workshop
Presented by Volunteer Resources and the Education & Job Information Center
Get one-on-one help from Goldman, Sachs & Co. volunteers
in this free workshop, and learn how to:
• Craft a resume on the computer.
• Improve your existing resume.
• Impress employers in a job interview.
• Find great resources in the library and in the community.
that can help you get a better job.

Saturday, June 14
11 am – 2:30 pm
Central Library
Second Floor Meeting Room
10 Grand Army Plaza

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Featured Brooklynites of the Week:

In honor of the Puerto Rican Day Parade, this week's Featured Brooklynites of the week:  Brooklyn Boricua! 

"One Proud Rican" relaxed on the beach yesterday.
In case you haven't noticed the increasing presence of the other red, white and blue flags through out the week reminding us all of this annual early June festive event, today is the Puerto Rican Day Parade in NYC.  

Enjoy Boricua!

In Memory of a Young Coney Island Resident

In Memory of Tyllar Smith
A young Coney Island resident
January 20, 1992 - May 21, 2008  

This past Saturday, Rachel Carson High School of Coastal Studies, in association with Tyllar Smith’s family, and The American Federation of Suicide Prevention, did “A Walk for Suicide Prevention.” They met on the boardwalk of Coney Island, right outside the Brooklyn Aquarium and raised money for the cause. Afterwards, they had a huge bbq at Leon S. Kaiser Park on Neptune and Bayview Avenue in Coney Island.

Tyllar Smith's cousins display her image and
their loving sentiments on their tee-shirts.

The official "Walk for Suicide Prevention" T-shirt

Tyllar's Uncle served as dj at the afterparty and he
was not messing around with this sound system.

Flatbush Pigeon offers her deepest condolences to the Smith family at this most difficult time. You are all in my thoughts.

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