Sunday, June 15, 2008

More Info on the New Ditmas Park Health Spa - Another Neighborhood Cooperative!

I came across some info on the Flatbush Family Network Yahoo group about the new health spa clinic that I reported to my readers last week.  

Apparently, the coop group is calling the clinic "Taproot Community Health Clinic" but is has not settled on that name.  According to the responder on FFN;

"We were calling ourselves taproot community health clinic, but we are currently in the process of changing the name (any ideas?) in an effort to reach out to the community for feedback regarding healthcare, we are holding several community health forums, more about that to come if you are interested."

Here's some info from their website.  For more info visit their website directly at: 

Taproot Community Health Clinic 
is a worker-owned cooperative opening in Brooklyn, New York in June 2008.

As an answer to the vociferous call for health justice, a group of eight yoga teachers, herbalists, acupuncturists, and community organizers have joined together to develop a socially-just and forward-thinking health clinic. Taproot Community Health Clinic will be a place for acute or chronic health concerns, preventive care and resources for informed choices in healthcare. The clinic will be accessible and inclusive regardless of race, gender, sexuality, class status, immigration status or age.

Taproot will be offering:
Yoga Classes 
Chinese Medicine 
Western Herbal Medicine 
Additional Workshops and Classes

380 Marlborough Road, 
Brooklyn, New York 11226
Contact: Jacoby 646-539-8128

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