Monday, June 9, 2008

Now Don't Go Telling Your Manhattan Friends!

Now that all persons who violated the "Brooklyn Loyalty Pact" by leaking FP "Now Don't Go Telling Your Manhattan Friends" information to the mainstream media (namely the NYTimes and NY Magazine) have been effectively tortured into submission or, if warranted, executed, I feel free to continue with the "Now Don't Go Telling Your Manhattan Friends" series. Certainly, the precedent for such violations has been set. Should any of you FP readers choose to run your mouth about the fabulous Brooklyn institutions so generously imparted on this blog, all I can say is - just make sure your Mama has your dental records!

Since that has been made perfectly clear, I can now tell you about one of the most perfect old time Salumarias that still operates in Brooklyn:

Eagle Cheese
320 Ave. U,
Gravesend Section of Brooklyn
718- 449-2810
Owner: The Casamento Family
Established 1942

Eagle Cheese, a family owned business, located on Avenue U between McDonald Avenue and West Street has been serving the Gravesend community what has got to be some of the best homemade mozzerella, cured meats, and italian specialties in the city for over 66 years. While Eagle is known to locals for such tasty goods, I find that Eagle makes the very best cold-cut sandwiches in Brooklyn not only because of the high quality of the meats but also because they have perfected the art of slicing meat to half the thickness of an ordinary piece of paper. Just take a look at the goods:

Eagle is a clean, organized well-kept Italian market.

Offers a nice selection of fresh olives and peppers.

Stromboli, fresh mozzarella & tomato, and artichoke hearts.

Fennel sausage, homemade Ravioli, manicotti and other fresh macaroni.

An array of cured meats; prosciutto, salami, soppressata and fresh cold-cuts.

Eagle also carries a nice assortment of jarred and canned goods as well as Italian cookies and dried pasta.

The real important info you need to know about a visit to Eagle Cheese; Don't forget your wallet! Although, Eagle products are pretty reasonably priced, you are going to want to sample as much as you can. But, rest assured, not a cent of what you'll spend there will be wasted money. So enjoy! Mangia!

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