Friday, June 13, 2008

So When You Think About Brooklyn...

Is this the image that comes to mind?

Maybe it's me but I just don't get it. Why, oh why would someone choose to plant this enormous, garish structure in the middle Gravesend, Brooklyn? Really, who comes up with these ideas?  (Note: if look at this image long enough you will see Nero fiddling on one of the balconies. Really, Brooklyn's Burning!)

And, I guess if you're already in the business of building an oversized and inappropriate structure in a small scale working-class neighborhood you might as well go completely off the hook and name it "The Venetian."

Yes.  That's right. Classical Living right on Ave P.

Shot of The almost complete "luxury condominiums."

Completely out of scale with the rest of the
neighborhood of mostly modest single-family homes.

Go figure!

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