Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Urban Sportsman and the Ingenious Mobile Billboard

Image shamelessly lifted from Copyranter

Drats! I forgot my camera!

As usual, after dropping my youngin' off at school this morning I got stuck behind a truck just like the one displayed above. I was so emamoured by its brilliance that nothing at that moment nothing could have moved me to my usual state of chagrin.

Sure, all of us NYers have come across clever messages scrawled into the street grime that collects on our once-white commercial vehicles. But this cost-free form of broadcast for this kind of organically-grown urban pastime reinforces my hope that the masses can in fact change the world..one dirty little truck at a time!

The result of this experience, FP has had an epiphany. Flatbush Pigeon is now waging a dirty truck inscription campaign for the promotion of her blog. Any reader who sends in an image of flatbushpigeon.blogspot.com scrawled on a dirty truck along with another of their soiled fingers to prove they produced it, shall be promoted as a honorable guerilla campaigner on my blog in the upcoming weeks.

* Rules of entry; FP loyalist, good handwriting skills. The use of
is strongly prohibited as they are they instruments of sissies!

Btw, visit them!

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