Sunday, August 3, 2008

Pomegranate Super Market Grand Opening - August 12.

This just in from a FP reader: The grand opening of the much 
anticipated Pomegranate supermarket will be August 12.  
Great now I can stock up on my Sabra Humus! 

Pomegranate is located at
1507 Coney Island Ave (near Ave L)
Brooklyn, NY


Anonymous said...

The prices had better be low or it's doomed to failure!

Richard Green said...

First of all it's NOT KOSHER, It's a Russian gourmet supermarket.

Second of all it's opening August 19, NOT the 12th.

Third, It's at 1507 NOT 1501 Coney Island Ave.

Flatbush Pigeon said...

Hey Green,

First off, I never said it was a Kosher market what I said in my original post was "my guess is that it will cater to the local Kosher community."

Secondly, the information that I announced about the opening date came from a reader who wrote in last week. Since the Supermarket has not announced anything to the community, that's all I have to go on. And, in fact, since you don't mention the source of your information, your claim that it opens on the 19th is no more valid than the previous "informant."

Thirdly, from your condescending tone it's seems improbable that you could forgive a typo but for my other readers - please forgive my typo. I will correct the original entry.

Finally, hey Green LIGHTEN THE EFF UP! It's a friggin' microblog, man not the Washington Post! If it seems that you can't do that, you'd better get to work on my other entries quickly. Start with the one about Marty Markowitz serving as the understudy as "Sally" in the Broadway Production of "Cabaret" There's a sh*tload of inaccurate info in there. Knock yourself out if you must.

Anonymous said...

it is not russian it is kosher and only kosher mostly isreali foods

an insider

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
The prices had better be low or it's doomed to failure!

Sorry u r wrong...Not everyone wants LOW prices and SLOPPY service..I rather pay more and be treated like a CUSTOMER...people who wear ROLEX watches and drive Mercedes cars dont look at price they want to be treatd like a human being..,

Anonymous said...

To the previous commenter, all I can say is; Oy!

Beefiest Bouncer said...

As a Syrian Jew I won't drive a Benz (or any other German car yet) and I think Rolexes are nasty. I do have a sweet ride though and I still don't like paying $1 for 1 lemon, call me crazy.

Green, relax dude! And I don't think its Russian though I hope it is because those Russians know how to do it up!

Anonymous said...

To that syrian jew...pomegranate has another store in syrian community and they do spend money for service and fresh selection..they pick the most beautiful owmen and they do the same at grocery shopping..

Anonymous said...

kosher meat
kosher butcher
everything kosher
green... u seriosuly need to relax

Anonymous said...

People, please don't fight.

Anonymous said...

What are the hours of this supermarket?

Moshe said...

I live 2 minutes away from pomegranate. I think I am going to stop going there. I went across the street to look at this place called golan gourmet and the price are way better.

I spoke to them at golan gourmet to find hummus but they did not have a refrigerator. They said within next week they'll have a refrigerator for my hummus need.

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