Monday, August 4, 2008

Gone Fishin'

Marty Markowitz as Sally Bowles sings "Maybe This Time"
at a rehearsal of the 1966 production of Cabaret.

The Pigeon has decided to take herself and her youngin' off for a little r&r for a week or so. Hold down the fort Brooklynites!  And don't forget to go see Liza at the C.I. bandshell Thursday evening.  Let's just hope Marty doesn't try to steal the show from Minelli.  It is rumored that Marty will be showing up in his Cabaret attire.

Few people know that Liza and Marty competed for the role of Sally Bowles in the the film version of Cabaret.  Since Marty served as the understudy to Judy Dench in the role in the 1966 Broadway production, he thought he was a shoe-in for the part. However, Minelli's Hollywood ties gave her the edge and Marty's Hollywood dreams would never be realized. There is deep lingering resentment to this day.  

Although Marty never even made it to the stage in the '66 production (due to Judy Dench's perfect health) he put on one hell of a show at rehearsals and what legs!  

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