Thursday, May 15, 2008

Kilroy Strikes Again!

And again, and again... ____________________________________________

I heard from a member of the "Love to Vote" Project yesterday who thanked me for my interest in this project.This person urged me to visit Apparently, you too can be part of one of the largest graffiti crews in the country as the project is providing free stencils and stickers for anyone willing to spread the word. How you go about getting those stencils and stickers is still unknown to me but I'll let you all know once I find out. Just be sure you set aside some bail money if you plan using paint. Chalk is also an option. (Don't snicker...It was good enough for Haring!)
He or she also informed me that there is another Brooklyn blog that has called attention to this project.New York Portraits: Art for the Masses

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paintdlady said...

hey pigeon
I havent spoken to in few days but I actually meant to tell I know who the artist he does have folks helping him
but I do know who he and met him. Some of his work at my studio right now....

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