Saturday, October 25, 2008

So Why Is This Much-Anticipated Park Off-Limits to the Community?

I don't know. To me, the above image depicts a bustling open-air community center where young kids play on the jungle gym while their parents compare notes with those of their playmates, teenagers practice their skateboard stunts, college students read over their notes before class & other local residents simply enjoy the day.  

There had been much local blog press about the Midwood High School Park over the lengthy course of its construction. Both Brooklyn Junction and yours truly kept our Flatbush neighbors updated at nearly every phase. See here & here.

Why, oh why then does the park look like this everyday since its opening in early September?

The short answer is depicted below:

Midwood HS park remains off-limits to the community two months after its completion

My guess as to the long answer to the question of why the open-space starved Flatbush community is being denied access to the new park has something to do with park maintenance or - lack thereof.  If this is the case, I (for one) have a few suggestions; Why not open the dilemma up to community? Perhaps there are residents, residents & more residents who wouldn't mind volunteering their time for clean up.  Maybe there is a Brooklyn College Student Organization that would want to help.  Or, maybe the Flatbush Development Corp., CAMBA or the Flatbush-Junction BID might offer some kind of solution.

At this point, the only people using the area are the students of PS 152 &/or PS 315 during their recess time.  While I'm very happy that the park is available to them for a short period of time during the school day, I can't see why these same neighborhood kids can't use the park after-school or on the weekends with their other friends and families.

FP would love to hear from the Flatbush community about the new park and our lack of access to it. Please leave a comment, explanation or suggestion if you are so moved.


Anonymous said...

My five year old daughter and I watched this park being built as well. She was very excited at its completion. However her happiness turned into tears when I walked and she rode her bike over to the park only to find out that we could not gain access. This is a travesty! It was paid for with public money and the promise of public access.

Xris (Flatbush Gardener) said...

Trying to picture where this is. Is this at the intersection of Campus Road and Bedford Avenue?

Do you know who owns the property? Is it Board of Ed? Parks?

This has to be opened to the public. There is almost no public green space in Flatbush.

Flatbush Pigeon said...

This is directly across from the entrance way to Midwood HS on Bedford Avenue. The new Midwood HS Science Annex stands on the corner of Bedford & Campus. I'm not sure who owns the property. Some folks from the SMRA (South Midwood Residents Association) seem to have some info and history on the project. I am in contact with them.
Nice spot for a weekday Greenmarket, huh?

Anonymous said...

I agree ,
this is ridiculous.
I went in there with my kids right after completion ( when the gates where still opened ) and got rudely kicked out by the guardian!
let's get to the problem.
I'll do some research and let you know what i come up with.
If you have news please let us know!

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