Saturday, July 26, 2008

Who Dares Question My Hazbin Status???

Pigeon enjoys a smoke at one of last year's Seaside Concerts
Apparently, I struck a nerve with one of my fellow aging readers when I joyfully welcomed Peter Frampton to the "Hazbin Hall of Fame" in an last week's entry.
Clearly, this reader is unaware that only a "Hazbin HoF" member can bestow such honors and I am gravely insulted! Please read the exchange below.
Pigeon said...
>>>"Welcome to the Hazbin Hall of Fame, Pete!"<<<

Anonymous said...

Pigeon, you're gonna be 50 yourself someday, you know.


Pigeon's response:

Since that magic number is not very far off for me at all, I am well aware of that and have absolutely no shame nor fear about that. In fact, I feel the same about being a Hazbin. (Hazbin demigoddess here, btw. Inducted 6/1993) I've welcomed many a Hazbin to the Hall at the annual induction galas known as Seaside, Wingate and formerly the Midwood field concerts.

Now back in the day when acts like "Johnny Maestro and the Brooklyn Bridge" and the like were headliners at those shows - sure, I perceived the term "Hazbin" as pejorative. But as over the years my grays multiplied and the bands moved from Do-whoop local acts to the likes of Jefferson Starship, KC and the Sunshine band, Rev. Al Green, the B52s and now Frampton! it's pretty damn clear to me that their - and my - "hazbinism" is something to be aspired too.

Of course, one person's Frampton is another person's Johnny Maestro...but I'm not one of those people! I'm a hazbin now! I've worked long and hard for this status! And, I have a little ditty to express my pride in this. So, Anonymous poster, if as I suspect you're a hazbin too, I invite you to meet me out at the Frampton concert this week where you can join me in leading the crowd in singing the "Hazbin Anthem." Now if you're truly a hazbin I can simply give you the words. I'm sure you'll know the melody. So practice up this week so we get it right at the show, 'K?

The Hazbin Anthem

I'm a hazbin, he's a hazbin,
she's a hazbin, we're a hazbin,
Wouldn't you like to be a hazbin, too?

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