Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Junction Spruce's Up Thanks to The Flatbush Junction BID!

Image by Flatbush Pigeon

Lori Raphael from the Flatbush Junction Business Inprovement district has done a good job of keeping members of the community updated on new developments in the area and the FJBID is doing a wonderful job doing what they do - improving existing FJ businesses and attracting new ones. For more info on the FJBID click here.

Here's Lori's description of the FJBID's Storefront Improvement Grant Program:

The Storefront Improvement Grant program provides up to a $5,000 matching grant to property owners and merchants within the Junction BID's catchment area. Eligible improvements are to the exterior only and include the replacementof solid security gates with open grid gates, glass, signs, awnings and paint. Financing and design services are available. For more information about this program, contact:flatbushjunctionbid@yahoo.comor call: (718) 951-5000, ext 1449

I took a for pictures of these new projects to give readers a few visual examples of just what has been accomplished recently through the FJBID's Storefront Improvement Grant Program:

Image by Flatbush Pigeon

Regarding this most recent storefront project Lori Raphael writes:

Congratulations to Phil Miller of 6A Hardware, 1453 Flatbush Avenue for taking advantage of the Flatbush Junction BID's Storefront Improvement Grant Program. Phil has a beautiful new sign and 5 feet of open grid added to his security gate. Come by to take a look and shop at this true neighborhood hardware store and locksmith, characterized by warm personal service and a full selection of items to improve and maintain your home. For more information about the program, call the BID office at (718) 951-5000, ext 1449.

Image by Flatbush Pigeon

Regarding the recent improvement to the Derby Liquors storefront, Lori writes:

Derby Liquors at 2123 Nostrand Avenue (btn Glenwood and Flatbush) has completed its storefront renovation with the assistance of the Flatbush Nostrand Junction BID. Derby replaced its glass/door, sign, awning and security gate under the BID's Storefront improvement Grant Program. Drop by and check out Derby's new look- and pick up a bottle of wine or some cocktail supplies for the weekend!

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