Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hey this is Big Flatbush News! The Cornbread Cafe Folks (from 7th Ave) are Opening a New Joint on Flatbush Ave!

This just in from the Flatbush Junction BID:

The Cornbread Diner (formerly Park Slope's Cornbread Cafe) is opening at 1436 Flatbush Avenue (btwn Farragut and Glenwood)on Monday August 4. Cornbread will be open for three meals a day serving Chef/Owner Bettina Harris's signature southern style diner food. Cornbread will feature seasonal garden dining and delivery service, in addition to table service in its dining room. Stay tuned for more details.

Three cheers to Bettina Harris for gracing one of Brooklyn's most
"epicuriously challenged" strips with some comfort food. We need it out here!


Xris (Flatbush Gardener) said...

Sweet! That was one of our favorite restaurants in South Slope when we lived in that area.

Anonymous said...

excellent. Is there anyway to encourage the owners/management to leaflet the neighborhood.

I may start a campout - that is how much this area needs some new food.

Anonymous said...

We are in PLG and we will come on down and eat here too! My husband and I exclaim to each other pretty much on a weekly basis that we can't figure out why there aren't Southern restaurants on this side of the park. It will please everybody across the board, all kinds and types of folk. It's a smart move and Bettina the owner will do well.

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