Saturday, June 7, 2008

New "Gyro Cafe" Opens on Coney Island Avenue

The Gyro Cafe
580 Coney Island Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11218
718.438.0860 or 718.438.0863

The Gyro Cafe offers an array of Halal Middle Eastern 
Specialties including gyro, shish kebab, cofta kebab, 
falafel, humus, baba gannuj as well pizza.

The Pigeon didn't actually get a chance to sample the Gyro Cafe's fine fare but everything looked wonderfully fresh and appetizing. (Sorry folks, I had just ate across the street at Madina.)  I would love to hear reviews from my readers about this new place. So please write in if you have a review.

The Gyro Cafe proprietor. I apologize
from not getting his name but he and his staff
are really nice and welcoming.

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Anonymous said...

Been there a couple of times for lunch. Food is usually fresh and tasty. The only complaint would be that the service sometimes is just a little slow. But overall I think its a great place to grab some cheap eats and totally satisfies my falafel craving when its there.

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