Friday, May 2, 2008

Gettin' Zooted Up On the Junction!

Need to get yourself noticed at that Kentucky Derby party this weekend? Have a hot date and want to flaunt your finesse? Well, when it comes to getting all zooted up in Brooklyn there only one place to shop:

Portabella Fine Men's Apparel

in the heart of the Junction.

There are no finer threads around!

Why sport the bland black, blue or grey suit? At Portabella you can select from an extensive palette. Portabella carries every color from the bland navy to tangerine to keylime pie!
Portabella even carries the finest shoes in all colors and sizes.

So don't forget. When you really need to stand out from the crowd, go to

Portabella Fine

Men's Apparel

on the Junction.

1 comment:

Brooklynista said...

Oh...I thought you were talking about "The Tree." ;-)

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