Thursday, May 1, 2008

Flatbush Pigeon Survives 1 Full Month of Obsessive Blogging!

Thanks for your support!


gimmeadrinkawater said...

ConGRAtuLATIONS, FLATBUSH PIGEON! THIS is an accomplishment, as I can hardly find time to make dinner, clean up the dishes, pick up a few clothes and fall in bed. Quite admirable, and very interesting reading as well!

Parkway Pigeon

Flatbush Pigeon said...

Dear Parkway Pigeon,
I have surrendered to the chaos. The pigeon chicks and I eat scraps off the street for dinner. No dishes in this nest. As for clothes, we get tarred and feathered once a year. Yeah, ok, there's feathers all over the nest but who cares? We're out pecking at the Brooklyn pavement all the time anyway.
Flatbush Pigeon

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