Friday, May 9, 2008

Brooklyn Blogfest '08 Highlight: A Tribute to Brooklyn Photobloggers

For me, the highlight of last night's Brooklyn Blogfest was the video short "A Tribute to Brooklyn Photobloggers" which was produced by Morgan Pehme of the Brooklyn Optimist. It was announced last night that the video would be available on youtube and the reliable ol' Flatbush Gardner announced it the minute it was available. (Thanks Xris!)

Anyway, this thing rocks! FG is it full screen and turn up the volume!
P.S. I'll post more about my impressions of last night's event soon but I'll say now, I was impressed!


Anonymous said...

great video

brava brooklyn bloggers. keep up the great work

Anonymous said...

What's that awesome music?

Flatbush Pigeon said...

Absolutely. The music rocks!

Flatbush Pigeon said...

Sorry, I misread your post. The music is by local Brooklyn Industrial band: Ready Fire Aim. Check it:

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