Saturday, April 26, 2008

"VOTE" Avenue N off Ocean Parkway

I'm starting to have my suspicions about just who is behind this campaign:


Frank Jump said...

Hey! Just went over to the playground to shoot that Wilson sign and came across the VOTE sign as well. It looks as if it was signed. Perhaps someone will fess up. It is a great campaign. I found some other treasures on the way. Hope you like them. Thanks again for your contribution!

Frank Jump
Fading Ad Blog

Flatbush Pigeon said...

* First off, Frank, your images evoke a serious case of camera envy in my photoblog psyche! (This is especially evidenced by your very flattering portrait of me in my finest feathers! :-)

**Secondly, how'd I miss that open hearth? (And why aren't we having the Blogfest at that site? We could toast marshmallows while we trade blog quips.)

***Finally, I have a few other shots that I'm going to send your way. I seem to find myself stopping in my tracks these days saying to myself; "Oh man, that ad is sooooo Frank Jump!"

Anonymous said...

Well the VOTE campagin seems to be taking shape in NYC and other places east of the MIssissippi. This ingenius twist on Robert Indiana's LOVE sculptures and the stamp may wake up those who are sitting on their hands on NOV 4th and get them to love to vote. I know who did this as I have watched this campagin evolve over a 2 year period. The designer is a true artist in many mediums & has work in numerous important collections. As the mother of this designer I just hope that the only cnavas available isn't a jail cell in NYC! Give yor support!Tee shirts, Stickers and square Buttons are available to assist funding this designers post graduate art degree. Buttons are $2.00 each and well made. Write to me at and I will send an address to send in your $$ to buy buttons.

Flatbush Pigeon said...

Dear Mama Love to Vote,
Thanks for this info. If things fall to the worse case scenario, perhaps proceeds from the sale of VOTE buttons will make bail. Ah, who needs a post grad art degree anyway, especially given this level of genius!

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