Monday, April 7, 2008

Great Turkish Joe on Fisherman's Row.

Masal's Cafe & Lounge

According to the website of this sexy little Turkish cafe located on the Sheepshead Bay canal;
"The memory of a single cup of coffee lasts forty years."

Since I'll be lucky if I have another 40 years to mull anything over, I probably can't report back attesting to truthfulness this proverb at least as it relates to the great cup of Turkist coffee I was served at Masal Cafe. I can however say that once I had a taste of one of Marsal's double Turkish coffees, I skipped my daily visit to that huge coffee giant the next day and went right to Marsal's for another taste.

Marsal's also offers light meal options such as shepherd's salad and an array of wonderful Turkish and Italian deserts. Noteworthy is the dish known as "gozeleme" the menu item offers a delicious choice of meat, potato, spinach, or cheese served in a tortilla-like crust and lightly pan fried. Honestly though, I don't know if things just tasted better to me because I was intoxicated by Masal's cozy atmosphere. Whatever the case, Masal's is certainly worth a visit. In my own case, I'm pretty sure it's going to be one of my regular haunts.

Now, if you think I'm a little over the top in my appreciation of this great little place to stop after a hard day's work, take a look at this couple who choose this venue as a place to relax after surviving their most important day!

Oh yeah, and after you've had your fill at Masal's take a walk across the street to see all the great fishing and party boats. You might also be moved to feed the swans some of the grub from your Masal's doggy bag.

Masal Cafe
1901 Emmons Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11235-2700
(718) 891-7090

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