Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Coney island's Famous Childs Boardwalk Restaurant (temporarily) resurges as a Roller Rink.

While I welcome the efforts of Coney Island entrepreneur, Dianna Carlin to at least temporarily resurrect the old Childs Restaurant on the Coney Island boardwalk, I resent the audacity of journalist Chris Shott of the NY Observer who bestowed the title of "Queen of Coney Island" - ("accidental" or otherwise) on the Coney Island newbie.  (I mean who OD'd under the boardwalk and left him king?) Read Shott's piece about Carlin and her new roller rink here:

To be clear, there is only one "Queen of Coney Island."  HRM has been a resident of Coney Island for probably half a century.  She lives and works in a glass booth just a few feet south of Dino's World Famous Wonder Wheel and is affectionately referred to as "Grandma" by locals. Like Ms. Carlin, she too is an entrepreneur.  She's made her living as a fortune teller and is completely approachable so long as you keep your grubby little paws of her bottle of 151 and pack of Reds ... however stale.  Despite her royal status, the long time resident fears eviction as well.  Yet Grandma refuses to raise her prices.  She continues to offer her "Grandma's Prediction" services (along with your personal numerology forecast) for just a mere quarter.  Visit her soon before the rest of the questionably ordained truly usurp her title.  

Photo of Grandma to be added soon.
I know I have one.  I just can't find it!

The sign that once hung above the site of HRM's coronation:


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rat-girl said...

Hey: I love your website: the picts are great and your writing has a sense of humor to it. What more can say?

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