Thursday, October 16, 2008

Another Issue of Now Don't Go Telling Your Manhattan Friends: The Banya Wars heat up on the Kensington/Ditmas Park Border!

Coney Island Banya
602 Coney Island Avnue
Brooklyn, NY 11218
Open 7 days a week . M - F 9:00 - Midnight . Sat - Sun 8:00 - Midnight

Touche Royal Baths...Take that Sandoony! Flatbush once again has a cozy little Banya of it's own and the Pigeon was lucky enough to be one of the newly renovated bath house's first customers under its new management. The establishment known as the "Coney Island Banya" is clean, affordable, welcoming and just what's in order for those of us barraged by the stresses of life in NYC. To top it off, the Banya also houses the excellent (and also very affordable) "Restaurant Hotspot" - which serves an array of international cuisine.
If you've been up on any of the neighborhood buzz, you know this banya has been the subject of some intrigue (and more intrigue) as it sat unused for a number of years. And if you're also up on your Pigeon trivia, you're well-aware that the Pigeon is no slouch when it comes to hedonism...So, of course I visited the banya four days after it re-opened. I have to say, the new owners were extremely welcoming to unknown patrons. (So much so that I even scored a free sample ventik/platza session from owner Stanley!)

Venik for sale displayed at the front counter
Now for the particulars:
Coney Island Banya offers both scorching wet and dry saunas, a fantastic eucalyptus-infused turkish bath, a comfortable jacuzzi and a small tile pool that is manually-fed chopped ice as needed. (Think you don't need an ice pool - ho, ho - then you certainly haven't experienced the heat of the dry sauna yet!) Massage and platza sessions available for an extra fee. As mentioned earlier, there is an excellent restaurant and juice bar on site.

The entrance fee to the banya is $25 for adults and $15 dollars for kids. Monday is women only day and is offered at a discounted price of $20. So what are you waiting for? Grab your bathing suit and get down there!

New to the banya scene and don't know what to expect? Click here for more about the experience!
Happy bathing.
~The Pige


Anonymous said...

Oh, the new renovation looks great! We checked it out a couple of years ago pre-reno, and thought it was only OK. But this looks fantastic! I can't wait to check it out! I'm a loyal Tenth Street Baths fan, but I would love to go somewhere closer to home. Thanks for posting this!

Melissa said...

I went last night with a friend! I really enjoyed myself. The facilities were beautiful, the people were so nice and the food was amazing!
This was my first bath house experience and I will absolutely be going back!

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!!! We came with some friends we had a great time.Faculty was great, food was amazing, the place was very cozy,clean and very relaxing.We will be coming back and also i will have my bithday party at the banya that has a great restarent called HotSpot.Thanks to the Flatbush Pigeon for letting us in on Coney Island Banya.

Unknown said...

I love this spot as I live right around the corner. I'm so glad it has re-opened. Its far superior to the 10th street baths in Manhattan which I found cramped, often crowded and dirty.
This place is friendly, clean, spacious and well priced. Now I know I can make it through another Winter!

Anonymous said...

DISREGARD the above comment....

the place is GREAT!!!!!!!

food is on point and the the staff is friendly as hell.....they go out of there way to make you feel righ at home....btw the crowd is young and sexy....i went this past friday with my cousin and we ended up staying there all night....i'm going back this friday....ask for dennis!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm i knew this place would open up again!!! =D... i missed it... it's been so long and i am taking my fiance with me tomorrow... it's her first time and she isnt very familiar with my Russian ways = p... lets just say she's gonna stand out a bit but i am excited to give her this experience... CANT WAIT!!! = ]

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